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Field of activities

As a pioneer and a leading company properly recognizing the present high status of the high-tech, in general, and envisioning the rewarding future of “the software industry” in particular, since its inception, ‘Iranian Qeshm e-Commerce Development’ has taken a keen interest in and has further endeavored to meet all possible technological challenges ahead. In so doing, fortunately the company has also benefited from a state-of-the-art technology and equipment, has enjoyed a team of highly skilled staff, and in turn has managed to stay up-to-date and well prepared for any professional task, at hand.

Within the past twelve years ‘Iranian Qeshm e-Commerce Development’ not only has efficiently catered to the specific needs of its concerned clients, but has also implemented several multi-disciplinary projects containing “different key turn solutions”. Furthermore, in order to meet the ever increasing requirement of the e-banking industry, the company has already developed various sought-after products and consequently has provided “end-to-end services” -- particularly as far as the e-payment is concerned.


A diagram of products and services





























In accordance with its long term goals of meeting the technological and service- oriented requirement of both “e-commerce” and the e-banking industry, ‘Iranian Qeshm e-Commerce Development’ has actively been engaged in research, production, and development of various key turn solutions -- respectively offering a wide range of e-banking software(s) while serving a host of interested clients in “e- commerce” as well.

Throughout its professional activities ‘Iranian Qeshm e-Commerce Development’ has gained valuable and extensive experience and deservedly established an outstanding reputation in software industry, all because of its remarkable accomplishments.



Focusing on today’s technological dominance and going well ahead with the high tech flow, ‘Iranian Qeshm e-Commerce Development’  has promptly attempted to meet the existing requirement of the e-commerce and particularly those in the e-banking industry. Therefore, in order to achieve this overriding objective, 'Iranian Qeshm e-Commerce Development’ has actively been engaged in research, production, and development of different “key turn solutions” -- respectively offering a wide range of e-banking software(s) while serving a host of interested clients in e-commerce as well.

Throughout its professional activities 'Iranian Qeshm e-Commerce Development’  has gained valuable and extensive experiences and hence has deservedly established an outstanding reputation within software industry, all because of its remarkable accomplishments. Fortunately, at present, 'Iranian Qeshm e-Commerce Development’ is quite capable of producing and developing multi-farious solutions, as mentioned below:


Long term policy objective

Enthusiastically expanding its professional horizons and pinpointing the latest technological achievements in the realm of e-commerce and particularly those in the e-banking, ‘Iranian Qeshm e-Commerce Development’ has resolutely adopted a new market platform especially the one stated in its policy objectives, aimed at focusing and capturing new markets, and based on “a need analysis approach.”

In compliance with its prime objectives regarding the mentioned markets, meeting their important requirements, and on providing a wide range of related end-to-end services, ‘Iranian Qeshm e-Commerce Development’ has also outlined the “central plank of its key policy” for localization and customization of e-banking tools, their required hardware, and for across the board use of their respective and compatible solutions.

Bearing in mind the key role of “R and D,” in the advent of the Age of High Tech, and the ensuing era of the information explosion, and its immense significance for the development, commercialization and the wide spread use of multifarious e-banking solutions, ‘Iranian Qeshm e-Commerce Development’ is firmly dedicated to invest all its resources, time, and unceasing efforts to launch a varied program of “R and D - oriented seminar,”  the related workshops, and “the respective follow-up crash courses”.

In order to upgrade technological knowledge, update the necessary information, enhance the application of the e-payment-oriented solutions and maximize the related services, ‘Iranian Qeshm e-Commerce Development’ , therefore, would hold exclusively selected seminars - - all aimed at meeting the immediate-existing needs and technological requirements of its interested clients and the public at large.

These forthcoming, interactive and informative seminars would, of course, contain specifically crafted workshops designed to assist all concerned industries with building, enhancing, and delivering their target strategies. Additionally, ‘Iranian Qeshm e-Commerce Development’ would also offer relevant “follow-up crash courses” to all prospective participants -- should the need arise.


About Us

The third millennium has undoubtedly presented humankind with new and complicated socio-economic challenges. Nevertheless, remarkable technological advancements, “high tech accomplishments” and resounding scientific break-through(s) have distinctively marked “this unique age.”

“As prosperity-oriented and high Tech-driven citizens of the global village,” living in an ever so technologically developing era, most of us instinctively pursue a prosperous, happy and peaceful life. More importantly, the current international state of affairs vividly indicates the fact that our modern lives not only are closely intertwined with an increasingly interdependent global economy, but further require the existence of a multi-faceted, productive and up-to-date banking system--worldwide.

Keeping the mentioned fact in proper perspective, ‘Iranian Qeshm e-Commerce Development’ was initially established in September of 2003. Highly driven and professionally dedicated to meet the prevailing market demands, the company successfully managed to meet the overall high tech requirement of the banking and insurance industries and simultaneously provided professional services for other leading industries, while catering to the needs of the market in general.

Forged ahead with expanding its professional horizons, ‘Iranian Qeshm e-Commerce Development’  enjoyed a team of highly-skilled staff and thus benefited from gaining extensive and valuable experiences, particularly those related to production and development of a wide range of e-banking solutions. Appropriately, just in a matter of a few years, yet another positive step in the right direction was taken in 2007 and the company succeeded in getting its membership in “IASP,” through its Qeshm chapter.








‘ACH’ or the automated clearing house is the network used for electronic exchanges for specific international transactions.

Processing various currencies, simultaneously, is one imperative advantage of this particular network while out of four of its panels, the issuing and acquiring fees can be set aside by issuers. Yet another distinct feature of the mentioned network includes its capability of issuing “voucher” and its further use in different countries based on and according to their own currencies. This network also comprises 4 different panels as well:


- Pre-installation

- Acquire

- Issuer

- Exchange holder


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“SATRAP” offers a complete out of the box solution to financial institutions wishing for issuing debit and credit cards and running small to medium sized networks of ATM and POS terminals. While providing its users with internet banking solution and kiosks, Automatic Clearing House or ‘ACH’, satrap’s reliability, ease of use, the rapid time to market together with a wide range of technological features exclusively make it the solution appropriate for any given financial institution.

Alongside the standard magnetic card management capabilities SATRAP includes the features necessary for all financial institutions to issue and acquire EMV compliant cards. More importantly, SATRAP interfaces directly with bank’s core system to facilitate transaction processing and further offers “stand-in service,” during periods when the host is unavailable.

In addition to “the stand-in capabilities” of the channel manager the service is further ensured by “a stand-alone option” available at the ATM itself. So in the event of communication failure, notably, the ATM may be enabled to operate in stand-alone mode!




As a flexible e-banking product, SATRAP features different aspects of a bank needs and unifies all the components as a complete package, meeting today’s standards. SATRAP modules are as follows:

- ‘SATRAP channel manager’ which functions as the system core and the whole front services connect to the channel manager as well.

- ‘SATRAP card management system’ which supports both magnetic and smart card without any limitation, to which “payment gateway” could be added -¬- should the need arise.

- “SATRAP internet banking” capable of providing whole banking services, independent of CMS.

- “SATRAP Kiosk” capable of providing kiosk banking, info kiosk, and the web kiosk.





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Authentication (solution) notably constitutes the most essential and distinct features of the whole system. Furthermore, the structural organization of the main system itself is undoubtedly dependent on other involved systems, each of which possessing its own authentication(s).

Obviously, the whole system and its related components require their own separate and individual authentication systems, making it an expensive venture. It’s quite noteworthy, however, to realize the fact that the development of “authentication security modules” is both time-consuming and not cost-effective.

As a state-of-the-art and a cost-effective solution, ‘our Beetle’ not only ensures the security of the entire process, but also unifies and centralizes all other involved functioning systems. Moreover, our specific solution certainly improves the entire process and even the following mentioned compatible solutions can all easily be linked with ‘our Beetle’:

- SMS Banking

- Internet Banking

- Call Center






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As the main controller and the monitoring agent, terminal management system or TMS in addition to performing the essential task of controlling terminals such as ATM, POS and cashless, just to name a few, is further capable of up-dating all the relevant terminal-oriented software(s) - - Both on individual bases and collectively for a several of them, at the same time.


1. Group: A group of specific terminals which function together under the same conditions and also enjoy similar features.

2. Terminal: Terminal functions include adding a new terminal code to the already mentioned “TMS”, therefore prompting

3. Package: The collection of device data responsible of updating the mentioned apparatus.

4. Monitoring: As a controlling device, TMS server displays the online terminal status.

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